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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is an important element of Rosneft activity and an integral component of successful development strategy of the Company, it is based on the main reference points and values the Company adheres to while interacting with employees, partners and clients.

The following areas may be listed among key initiatives of Rosneft corporate culture:

  • Business ethics
  • Internal communications and sociological researches
  • Corporate events

Business Ethics

What’s most important in determination of the Company’s success is its personnel. Reputation, authority, successful and sustainable development depend from each of us. The Company pays great attention to ensuring productive psychological environment and creation of conditions for realizing the potential of each employee. In 2015 new edition of the Code of Business and Corporate Ethics (hereinafter – the Code) was implemented, designed in accordance with the best international practices.

The Code is one of the most important tools of corporate culture. Corporate values and reference points reflected in the Code require conscious activity and initiative from each employee. Following by the employees to the unified principles and standards of behavior contributes to formation of reliable and high professional team united by common values, cultural behavior and traditions, and also helps to maintain mutual understanding at the appropriate level both inside the Company and in relations with its business partners and clients.

Rosneft Council for Business Ethics is a consultative body providing structural divisions with support in resolving the issues of application and compliance with provisions of the Code, makes decisions and designs recommendations for employees and officials of the Company regarding the issues related to business ethics and compliance, controls meeting the requirements of the Code.

Every employee of the Company is expected to rigorously comply with legislative, ethical and professional norms and standards compliant to the requirements of government, market and society and forming the core of the “compliance” term. The Company adheres to the principle of non-acceptance of corruption in all forms and manifestations in implementation of not only of the operational, but also of the investment and other types of activities. The Company considers inacceptable all manifestations of corporate fraud regardless of the amount of damage caused by such fraud.

Security Hotline exists in the Company, employees are trained in the field of compliance. According to the compliance principles an informational company is being held to prevent corruption and forming intolerance to any manifestations of fraud among the Company’s management and employees. Information on the steps taken to combat corporate fraud and to prevent corruption is published in internal information editions of the Company.

Internal communications are an integral part of the Company’s corporate culture and one of the main factors of performance improvement.  Currently the most important tasks of Rosneft are timely informing the personnel about key changes, projects and events taking place in the Company, support of collaboration and sharing knowledge between the divisions.

For the purpose of correct determination of the direction for further development of corporate culture and internal communications system sociologic researches are held regularly in Rosneft. The researches allow to evaluate awareness and satisfaction of the personnel with human resources and social programs, identify the areas of potential and existing risks and provide recommendations for development of human resources and social policies of the Company.

Corporate events Three large-scale multi-stage corporate events are held in the Company on an annual basis. It is the Best in Profession professional skills competition, Spartakiad (summer and winter), and the Rosneft Lights the Stars arts festival.

The Best in Profession professional skills competition is a part of the motivation system. It helps to single out and encourage enterprising and promising employees, contributes to the growth of the professional skills of the Company's employees, as well as promotes the dissemination of the best practices, the introduction of new technologies, the enhancement of the prestige of blue-collar professions, production culture, and responsibility for trouble-free operation.

Over 1,000 employees from more than 100 Group’s Companies take part in The Best in profession competition annually. The events are held at the production sites of the Company. The contest evaluates both theoretical and practical skills of the participants. Special attention is paid to their knowledge in the field of industrial and fire safety as well as labor protection.

Champions and prize-winners of the contest are awarded with diplomas and money certificates.

For many years PJSC NK Rosneft has been carrying out a large-scale work to develop sports and promote healthy lifestyle both in the presence regions and among the Company’s employees. The Winter and Summer Spartakiads are held annually. Over 25,000 employees from more than 90 Group’s Companies take part in the Spartakiad annually including the teams creation stage.

Winter competitions are held in 7 sports: ice hockey, 10 km cross-country ski race among men and 5 km among women, mixed skiing relay, 500 m skating race among men and women, mixed skating relay, sledges relay.

Summer Spartakiad is divided into two stages. Regional tour is held in 9 presence regions of the Company from Khabarovsk to Tuapse. Champions and prize-winners of the regional tour meet each other in Sochi in the final tour.

Participants compete in 14 sports: mini football, volleyball, basketball, tug-of-war, ping-pong, chess, power biathlon (shot put and kettlebell lifting), field-and-track races and relays among men and women, Russian pyramid and bowling.

Rosneft Lights the Stars Festival

Rosneft Lights the Stars Festival is very popular among the employees and members of their families. Over 6,500 employees of more than 120 subsidiaries of the Company take part in the corporate Festival annually. Competitors demonstrate their talents in choreography, vocal, photography, pictural art, instrumental and original genre.

Performances and works of competitors in three age groups 7-12 years old, 13-17 years old and over 18 years old are evaluated by a professional jury of famous film directors, artists and people of art.

The creativity competition is finalised with a gala concert confined to a professional holiday – Oil and Gas Industry Workers’ Day, and the best performances of participants will be collected at one stage. All performances of competitors are distinguished with innovative staging ideas and high level of performance. Every year, participants of the competition improve their skills significantly, while the Festival becomes an increasingly important cultural event that unites different generations of oilers, different cities and regions of the country. Moreover, it contributes to establishing cultural relations and preserving cultural traditions of multiethnic Russia.

Participation in the Worldskills National Championship of Vocational Skills.

Since 2015, PJSC NK Rosneft has taken part in the WorldSkills Hi-Tech National Championship of Cross-Industry Professions in High-Tech Industries in the Laboratory Chemical Analysis competence area.

In order to popularize working professions and improve the level of training in accordance with international standards corporate championship of Rosneft is held in the Laboratory Chemical Analysis competence area according to the Worldskills standards.

Laboratory workers and experts of more than 30 Group’s companies take part in the Championship held on the base of corporate production sites in the presence cities.

Prizewinners of the Championship got the right to represent the Company at the National Championship of End-to-End Working Professions in High-Tech Industries WorldSkills Hi-Tech. According to the results of competitive tests young specialists of the Group’s companies take prizes in Laboratory Chemical Analysis competence area.